Years of Changes

This author is fully aware it’s been 3-5 years since I regularly used this blog and so much has happened but with 2020 in our past and in response to some of the lessons it taught me, I’ve decided to return to my little corner of the internet and attempt to clear away the dustsheets and cobwebs.

Here are some things that happened

  • Through intense therapy found my pansexual and polyamorous identity
  • Divorced Husband of 13 years in July 2016
  • Moved back to Montana after graduating school
  • Dug up a dinosaur
  • Moved back to Utah in October 2016
  • Put my Massage practice on hold and became involved in Medicine in March 2017
  • Became very involved in the BDSM and Leather communities of Salt Lake City
  • Earned a Leather title and became a national teacher in May 2018
    • Organized and created Community health fairs for LGBTQIA+
  • Moved to Seattle, Washington in August 2019
  • Baptized myself in the waters of the Salish Sea on Samhain 2019 and started the path to claim my Sovereignty and Identity
  • lived through a global Pandemic in 2020
    • Returned to school
    • participated in and served as a medic at CHAZ/CHOP and BLM protests
    • changed my whole, entire name
    • figured out I’m non-binary
  • Started work in Emergency Medicine(EM)
    • Created LGBTQIA+ Inclusive medicine presentations for EM and Hospital systems
  • Moved out on my own in January 2021 for the first time ever (yes, really)
  • Returned to regular psychological therapy
  • dedicated myself to the Morrigan

So that’s a fair few items but I’m really proud of the path I’ve walked and how far I’ve come. Mostly I’m proud of my recent decision to finally start showing up for ME and I’m happy to be returning to some regular self reflection.

Thank you, dear reader, for sharing in a small part of my life and journey. I’m looking forward to using this more, even though it’s not meant to gather lots of followers or create new and interesting content. It’s something for me and that’s good enough.

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