Whoa! She’s alive again…

So I suppose I should update this blog a little more often then once a year. Things have moved a bit for me in life recently and it’s about time I start writing things down again so that I can (1) listen to myself think (2) realize I have something good to say (3) get this shit down and out of my head….since there seems to be an awful lot of it. Looking back I am a decent writer. I know that I pain good pictures with my words when I am on the louder emotional kicks and even when I am not I should be heard in some sense. (even if it is just the 3 people subscribed to my blog).

I begin my Yoga journey tomorrow. I will be attending classes 3 times a week of which I am very excited for, as well as attending the gym 2 times a week. I am sure my heart and lungs will thank me for it eventually. I’m also actually eating breakfast in the morning and plan to start meditations again tomorrow as well. A spring start again for this spring child….which is good since I have exactly 360 days until my 30th birthday!

30 is really not that old to us these days but next January I’ve decided to attend massage therapy school in Colorado for a year and a half at one of the most prestegious schools in the country and I think my ass should be well in gear before that time. so…HERE I go!!!!!!!



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