Tosaigh (Tah-shee)-:Irish -To start

If you read back in this blog you’ll see lots of declarations of starting again with big promises of ambitious practices. I’m grateful for that person, for their optimism and heart but today is different.

Offerings of incense, tobacco, fire and Islay scotch.

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to prepare a presentation on LGBTQIA+ Health concerns and disparities as well as suggestions for inclusive practices. I worked very hard on it and eventually presented it to my entire physician’s group. I spent the entire presentation with my Morrigan mala clutched in my hands under the table.

The response was so positive I was asked to present again at other ED’s within our Hospital organization and I feel that this work is deeply connected to Sovereignty, which the Great Queen calls for constantly.

I spoke with some friends in the Coru Cathubodua and decided that in gratitude I would do 3 days of offerings and ritual expressing my thanks and dedicating my daily work in the ER to her. The Morrigan seems to appreciate actions as offerings much more than ritual or words. That is the blood they desire- the work of your heart and the authenticity of intentional living is what is wanted.

For years I only spoke about him(ex husband) to Herself. I never saw me as being worthy of her blessings because I wasn’t a warrior or a solider and going back through my journals and rituals, I see the times She really responded or spoke was when I was fighting for myself. She didn’t want me asking for protection for someone else, she wanted ME.

In Samhain 2019, I baptized myself in the Salish sea and that night I felt the spirit of the Morrigan settle on me. I said, “I am hers and in being hers, I am my own” as a dedication to her. This echos something that Morpheus Ravenna said in The Book of the Great Queen.

“The principal of personal sovereignty shares the same fundamental concerns as that of collective sovereignty: it is the principal of right rulership, sustained by binding relationships both to what we serve and to the source of our power.”

Again, the blood demanded by the Keen Edge is the blood of work, your living oath to serve Justice and I’m hearing that louder than ever these days.

One of the things I wanted to return to was daily readings and I bought this Oracle deck in 2019 after my walk into the Salish Sea and this is my very first time working with it.

Last night while I was working on dusting off this blog was my 3rd night of devotional and I kept getting extremely strong wafts of the Islay I’d laid out for Her. None of the windows or doors were open. I hadn’t refreshed it since that morning. I ended up not doing it and started my ritual this morning with an apology.

With the reading I asked if I was heard and how the Morrigan received my gratitude offerings and the offering of my work.

The Aspect card (The Healer)- identifies the active energy in the question and acts like direct advice from the goddesses

  • The Healer- “Yes. You are healing, you are working at developing a practice that is good for you. We’re transforming that work and offerings” In Stephanie Woodfield’s book Priestess of the Morrigan, the author speaks on Victory and Healing

“War isn’t the the battle itself. There is the part that comes after, when the warriors have to heal and put themselves back together…The Morrigan isn’t the goddess of constant conflict, she is the goddess of war, yes, and most importantly victory. Victory means the battle has to sop at some point…As children of a goddess of war that means we have to understand the whole process.”

“Victory has always come first with a visit from the Washer at the Ford…None of the imagery of the Washer is given by accident. The Washer woman purifies the treasures she’s gained. She washtes the armor, chariots, and spoils of war in her stories…The blood is the cost of purification, she washes away the pain and sorrowso we can enjoy these things without the stains of how it was gained.”

I think the Washer is Her version of the Healer, I think the Washer accepts our sacrifices and in doing so baptizes us, recognizing the cost of transformation, restoring peace and balance and integrating experiences.

Symbol cards (The Chalice and The Axe) Providing objective and precise answers

  • The Chalice-satisfaction, celebration, gratitude
  • The Axe- Separation, cleaning, opening of ways

The seasons (Winter) – identify the time lapse and seasonal energy associated with the question

  • Winter-Introspection, planning, reflection

What these 3 cards seem to be saying is that My work was received and seen and is the start to something important and with planning and mindfulness it will be work accepted for a long time because it is grounded in Justice.

For reference I wrote this entire post while listening to Queen’s Anthology. I think The Morrigan likes Freddie.

She’s a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind

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