The Bull

Setanta And The Bull
Karl Beutel / Wikimedia Commons

I’ve signed up for a Morrigan Meditation Challenge through the Irish Pagan School and this is the first day’s reflection

Meditation passage- The Death of Lethan from the Táin Bó Cúailnge (The Cattle Raid of Cooley)

Is someone aware of their fate? Will they accept it even when they know what it means? People cry for their destiny but some are destined to be tools, not warriors. Sometimes we are the hero, sometimes the weapon wielded by a champion, and sometimes we are the hand of Destiny clearing the paths for others to live and walk.

Others in the discussion have said that the Morrigan is acting as an observer of the Bull and stating prophecy putting the wheels in motion even though it meant that each day there would be “the death of great tribes”. The Bull is urged by the Morrigan to go to the green grass and to enjoy what is for him and his herd. Some say this passage is about claiming personal power and authenticity. That it is about not letting the world distract you from what is yours.

It is Hers to set worlds in motion, Hers to witness the battles unfold, and hers to purify the battle-spent.

Maybe this story is also warning us off expectations and assumptions of practice or the work. We are here working with the Great Queen becuase in some part we are fated to it.

The experiences that have been the most powerful to me are the ones where I allow flow to happen. I do not try and “produce” or construct a big, showy ritual or offering. I simply state my offering of a days work grounded in Justice, knowing the right experiences and people will come my way. I keep a simple altar and daily practice and give gratitude for the strength and abilities I was able to use and show Her.

I recently said to a friend, “Love is like holding a butterfly, you can’t grasp it-that will kill it. You can’t just have an open hand, either. It must be gentle and guiding to work” I think work with the Great Queen is kind of like that.

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