Shoal Falls Farm

This is my home. I spent 7 years here listening to the sweet Carolina woods sing my song. I still get emotional when I think about leaving….One day if the Gods are good I will return here and help it become a spiritual retreat, as it was for me and so many others. A glimmer of an idea to save my home came not long ago and I feel that others could help me to achieve the creation of a sweet place of solace.  Currently for sale with conservation easements in place I hope that it will either stay for me or be available when I can purchase it.

This place sings. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s not like love or passion. It’s not like peace or heaven. It’s outside us and inside every molecule. It’s me.

Who am I?
I am the Rhododendron’s child, Dogwood’s daughter.
My heart beats in time with the cicada’s, my blood runs with the song of crickets and summer frogs.
My eyes are the color of dark kudzu, sweet poplar and pine and they twinkle with the pulse of lightning bugs.

I am a child of Carolina.
My skin is cool, like moss. My voice is tempered with water.
I live in the deep breasted bosom of the great smokey mountains
and my soul sings with the old voices there.
Look at me and see the ages backwards.
Look at me and glimpse times gone by.
Look at me and see the wonders of cultures, simmered in warm summer storms and tempered with icy winter nights.
Look at me and see the bard’s harp changed storyteller’s fiddle.
Look at me and know I am Carolina’s child.- Kassie 2011

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