The Morrigan comes to Cú Chulainn after a defeat offering comfort or help as a shapeshifter (Daughter of a king, Eel, she-wolf, and cow) and he denies her, saying he will crush, blind, and break her when she says she will appear to hinder his progress.

Morrigan: It will be worse for you’, said she, ‘when I go against you as you are fighting your enemies. I shall go in the form of an eel under your feet in the ford so that you shall fall.’

‘Cú Chulainn: “I prefer that to the king’s daughter,’ said he. I shall seize you between my toes so that your ribs are crushed and you shall suffer that blemish until you get a judgment blessing.’

It’s been a long time since I’ve read the Cattle Raid of Cooley and have a beautiful translation in storage so this passage doesn’t make clear sense to me but some others in the Meditation group have said this passage caused them to think of what we deny ourselves and why? Maybe Cú Chulainn was exhausted and didn’t want to experience anything but pain. I’ve been there, I think we all have with 2020. Maybe it’s a test for him, he could have had the comfort of beauty and was offered a chance to join with Herself but he chooses more fighting and to add to the pain wants to inflict pain on Her as well. It seems a pretty egotistical path to take.

Daily Tarot reading

King of Pentacles by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s Shadowscapes Tarot

The King of Pentacles bears a seed in his hand. It gleams golden with an inner light, and it pulses as if it contains a heartbeat that speaks with a humble promise to sprout. The leaves strain forth to bask in that radiance. The branches offer ripe honeyed fruits, each luscious globe swelling with tantalizing sweet juices.

This king is an enterprising individual, a man possessing of multifarious talents. He has the golden touch of Midas, gilding everything around him with a sumptuous gleam. When he lays his hands upon a venture, it is bound for success. When he sets his mind to an idea, it becomes polished brilliance. He is reliable, and adept at what he does. He is steady and a solid support should you need someone to lean on. The eternal strength and stability of the trees and roots are his to draw from, and he stretches branches, and arms, and aspirations to the stars. He is generous, and shares his wealth. Partake of the fruit he offers. He knows that wealth will be shared, and from those fruits, new seeds will sprout and grow to be mighty trees.

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