I stumbled across a writing prompt that said ” We all cry for many reasons, when was the last time you cried with joy?” I cry very often out of frustration, anger, or grief. Ever since my husband deployed with the military to Iraq, nearly anything can make me cry. The first year we moved to Utah I had full mental breakdowns from all the stress and anxiety at least once a month. I couldn’t handle the cultural expectations and pressure to behave as “they” wanted me to. I couldn’t handle being away from my Tuatha and friends in Colorado. I couldn’t handle coming back to a place where I had done so many stupid things and had beaten me up emotionally.

Back to the question though…I think the last time I cried with joy was when my husband came home from Iraq. I had waited for several hours in the gym on base with hundreds of other people. Children, wives, parents, all milling around waiting for our soldiers to come thru the doors. All I could see was him. Every cell in my body cried out for him. The moment I saw him and held him, was like the last two years apart had barely happened. I breathed him into me. Everything seemed right again. He cried with happiness and so did I. Such Relief!!! Few humans get to truly experience this. When I look into his eyes sometimes I see it happen all over again.

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