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Had to get thru February in a Lingerie shop. I can’t even begin to tell you how busy we were. It was a long 3 weeks. 😛 But now I am back! We were also hosting a friend for several months but joy of joys I have my living room back as well. So I sit in happiness!

I also decided a couple days ago to kick my own ass! Blessed by the gods with the power to do so I told myself I was tired of the excuses and created the time instead of looking at cats on the internet all day. I created the time for my practice and the time to get in shape and take care of my own, precious, one-time-only body. The husband and I are taking part in NerdFitness, since we are both nerds and need a new way at looking at fitness. We are also embarking on the Paleo “diet” or as I call it “common sense” eating. lots of meat proteins and all the veg and fruit I can stand. I already feel much better.

I created this sound file for the two powers meditation. I recorded it myself since who better than to guide me than me! I am my own best Sherpa.


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