We received a soft blanket of snow last night. I always love the magic and silence it brings. There is something special about the first snow of the season too and the way the world seems to slow for it, breathe with it in big white puffs bundles from a cocoon of wool and satin. Read More

12/3 Reset

This morning I spent 5 minutes in breathing meditation and recited my vow and reset myself on the dedicant’s path. I, Kassie, declare myself to be a pagan, a seeker of the old ways, a worshiper of the elder gods.  With this sacred oath I set my foot upon the path, the druid’s way, I Read More

Samhain Review

Samhain has always been a beloved holiday within my pagan practice. To me, after Yule it’s probably the least foreign of practices. My mormon ancestors would might shudder to hear but I felt being raised mormon prepared me for Ancestor worship. We venerated our pioneer ancestors that walked across America, and  I know my genealogy Read More

Samhain Essay

Samhain marks the end of the harvest festival and the start of the dark half (Samos) of the year. The celebration of renewal and creation as well as the honored dead.  The tribe is acknowledging the end of the harvest and preparing to greet winter’s time of learning and reflection well.  We’ve prepared our cellars Read More


Still kept the simple practice of 3 candles, incense and offerings each morning. When I was traveling I did a shortened two powers meditation without candles, incense or offerings. I’ve yet to pick up the DP work again for the simple fact there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. So I plan Read More


Practice review and update I’ve been keeping my daily practice…an exercise in simple piety but I’ve slowed down with work on the DP program itself.  Each morning I light 3 candles and my incense, give offerings of water and bread and it for 3 minutes in silence. I repeat this at night by lighting 1 Read More

Pagan Europe Book Review

Completed Aug 17th. I just finished my first book from the ADF required reading list. I choose ” Pagan Europe” . Without the requirements of review in front of me it is slightly difficult to focus on what is asked for this essay bu I will write down my basic thoughts on the book here Read More

Lughnasadh Review

First off a little update: July and August were a little rough as far as meditation goes. I’ve at least lit a candle or taken a breath or 3 at my altar each day but work has really pulled me away. I’ve finished my big project at work though I can move on. The first Read More

Lughnassadh Essay

Lughnasadh or Lunasa is the first harvest of the year. The celebration of the successful unity of the land goddess and the God of the Tribe/Community. The tribe is deep within the bounty of success and near the end of summer. We have worked hard in our fields or endeavors, are seeing the results and Read More

eek update

Sorry All!!! I went on vacation for a bit and then went to check out massage schools.  (7/23 – 8/6) When I got back my server decided to be very cranky and I couldn’t log in. I will be posting my Lughnessadh essay tonight and doing the ritual review tomorrow. I’m back in the saddle! Read More

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