Cauldron.Power.      Balance. Center.      Home. Self.  Photos by Jesse Walker of Natural Designs Photography I hear body in belly. self in stomach. They say to be naked is a sin. A sin of honesty. A sin of faith I have Faith in sin. in an Honest sin.  in honest Skin. Skin Read More

Diana research

From Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, by Charles G. Leland, [1899], at To Diana. Lovely Goddess of the bow! Lovely Goddess of the arrows! Of all hounds and of all hunting Thou who wakest in starry heaven When the sun is sunk in slumber Thou with moon upon they forehead, Who the chase by night Read More

Offering for Talents

I took part in a shoot today that was perfect on multiple levels. I adore being about to express myself creatively through my modeling. It is an honor to attempt the sacred role of Muse, to attempt to embody the artisitic vision of another human being. This was a boudoir shoot for Aimee Cambpell Photography. Read More

Epona Gratitude Ritual

When I started the ADF training there was a section on choosing your hearth deities. While my workings with Brighid have always been constant, I felt I needed to find some dieties that balanced me out. I couldn’t have just one, as incredible and watchful as my Brighid is. My pagan OCD demanded 3 😉 Read More


I always mean to post something after I meditate but I never manage to! Life is like a fast moving river that way! I do most of the things I mean to but sometimes you just get swept along. 5-10 minute breathing meditation, Sundays I throw in the two powers meditation. I’m still having a Read More


Daily 5 minute breathe meditations with offerings, candles, and water. I find myself pre occupied with the dealings of my previous religion, Mormonism. We are seeing a movement to ordain the women of the church into the priesthood. Almost ALL of the LDS General Conference was about a woman’s PLACE and trying to make her equal…about Read More

3/20- 4/5

Each day I have completed a 5 minute breathing meditation with candles, incense and oat offerings. March 23rd was my 30th birthday complete with a 30 hour hangover ( just kidding it wasn’t that bad.) On March 26th we went and Saw Neil Degrasse Tyson at Kingsbury Hall. He is one of my heroes.I wrote Read More


5 minute meditation today with a rice pack on my shoulders. My shoulders are pretty tired from workouts, yoga and computer work. The omen for today is The Lovers… It is Beltane and the may-flowers are in bloom. Lord and Lady, or High Priest and High Priestess, have joined together as Divine Lovers – conveying Read More


I meditated yesterday for 5 minutes to a simple body  relaxing guided meditation. I also re-committed myself with my vow. I had the recent opportunity to be reminded I am worthy and meant for this work for myself and others( something I struggle with). I’ve had a dear friend reach out to me for assistance Read More

Please press Start…

Had to get thru February in a Lingerie shop. I can’t even begin to tell you how busy we were. It was a long 3 weeks. 😛 But now I am back! We were also hosting a friend for several months but joy of joys I have my living room back as well. So I Read More

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