With this weapon of mass creation, this crimson blood is alive with virtuosity. The fire of life races through my viens. This inspiration shines through my eyes burning these simple pages with the emotions of a thousand ages. The myth of calmness and serenity is quickly dispersed in a stroke from this deadly sword. It Read More


So, I started my ninjutsu training today…my legs feel like jelly and walking down the stairs is exceptionally difficult considering my legs just want to give up on me with every step I take, and driving my manual truck isn’t easy either…. But I feel good about this decision to start training. I have taken Read More

We set eachother Free

i’m tripping into the future, with a guitar accompianment. Swirling and bouncing in a joyous memories with a touch of sadness, with this reflection of the sky in my eyes and that unknown past of mine. there is nothing in my mind that wasn’t processed through my heart. the smile on my face is reminisant Read More

i have a lot to say…but my Paint of Expression i…

i have a lot to say…but my Paint of Expression is dry. it has been too long since i have picked up these brushes and got to work on the masterpeice and life work that is my true expression…on the portrait that is of my soul expressing itself in godlike wonder. too long has the Read More

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