-This is from my Tuatha’s website. For those that don’t know Tuatha means tribe or family in Gaelic and when I say it I mean both my husband and I and my close circle of friends. I figured it would be a good post this morning since I am working on making this practice a Read More

So it begins….

I am many things, none of which can be expressed here but the things I do can be expressed here and that will provide some hint of who I am…not that this matters much to anyone but me. The goals of this blog ( 1 of 6 I’ve started and stopped and randomly deleted) is Read More

Druid Way

The natural order of being…the way nature behaves is the teacher. It is the best book, the ultimate example of the Druid Way. To be one and everything. To grow with others, To bend to and also defy the seeming laws Respectfully adhering to that which the universe gives. Aware of outside influences but balanced Read More

mountain home

*Looking Glass Rock from the Blue Ridge Parkway* I miss my mountain home, in the deep Appalachian mountains where the waterfalls dance around every corner and the earth cradles my every step. I miss my mountian home where the wind is thick with old stories and the rain is flavored with new tales. I miss Read More


Take this screaming, writhing soul and keep it safe. Some spirit give the the comfort I seek. Some unknown god take this pain and cage it tight. Take this cold heart and make it warm again Take these tears away from these swollen eyes Take this knife from my wrist, stop that pain that courses Read More

Amergin’s song

*Empress by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law* I am a wind on the sea I am a wave of the ocean I am the roar of the sea, I am a powerful ox, I am a hawk on a cliff, I am a dewdrop in the sunshine, I am a boar for valor, I am a salmon Read More

Retro Pictures for My Solider

—these were taken at a friend’s 1940’s themed wedding. The dress was originally bought for Vymn’s homecoming but it worked for the wedding as well. Sent these pics to Vymn over messenger the other day too and he approved of the dress *wink* Read More

Military Spouse

It really is the hardest job in the Military. 9 out of 10 days I’d rather be in Vymn’s place than mine. Honestly as a commited spouse there is nothing that I can think of that would be more difficult than this. Often I feel like a leaper, a slow disease killing me and I Read More

Advice and other ramblings

Lately I’ve been trying to think of something to post to help other military wives/husbands that are struggling with a current deployment or about to start one. I ws trying to think of advice that I would have liked to hear so here it is: It’s sink or swim kiddo. Nobody can tell you how Read More

Old wounds

The bandages are filling again with the crimson secrets I thought were dead. The mended wings snap again under the pressure of weighted chains. The weapons of old are sloughing their rust, crying to be unleashed once more In anger and vengeance. Before my eyes the reflection changes from one of peaceful warrior to one Read More

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