I went out at dusk. I brought loose tobacco with me as an offering but while driving up to Hylite canyon I stopped and got a pack of american spirits to use. thought just struck me to share my breath and tobacco with the gods. (I only smoked one…I don’t really smoke and doing it with a ritual sense kinda made me happy)

I stopped at a turn out right next to the river since it was much darker than I thought. all the snow was reflecting the moonlight nicely off the river. I walked down a small hill and couldn’t hear the road, only see an occasional light thanks for the river moving under the ice.
I stood for a few minutes as close as I could to the river without risking it being ice under my feet. I then emptied the tobacco pouch.
“I offer this tobacco in friendship to the spirits of Montana, to the spirits of this canyon and river. I offer my breath and smoke to the south, west, north and east. ( i turned to face each direction and did this slowly) I offer smoke and breath to this vast sky and stars, to the earth under my feet and the river that binds them together( again slowly to each spirit named) I offer this breath that is in my lungs because of my ancestors to my kin. I am because they were. I offer this breath to the dear spirits and gods. I seek comfort and companionship again. I leave this offering of tobacco as a signal, a gift that I will continue to nurture and seek right relationship with you. As the sun sets may it carry my intention to the other world. As the waters run far please take my heart to the sidhe of this place. As I breathe, please replace my pain with peace. Thank you. I will return to this place Thursday. Thank you for listening.” 
As I drove away I was struck that I should have asked for a sign I was heard, because it would have been given but I did not. Instead I chose not to ask this time but to return on my word.
*edit 12/11- I did not go out as I promised. I instead worked on school work. I will go on Saturday, since my test will be over and I can get out.

Hyalite Canyon, winter

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