Morning practice and Altar

Below is my altar at home. It consists of a Captain’s desk ( an antique I’m told, from a real ship) that I’ve had since I was a child and holds in it all my yummy supplies for witchy activities, like my candles, incense, oils, shawl, tarot, journal etc…and yes it smells delicious after being stocked with incense for so long.

Each morning before I leave my house for the day I approach this altar which sits in the north eastern corner of my house next to my east facing window, from which i can see the mountains here…and this makes me rather happy. Although lately I’ve been getting the urge to move it, and without major construction on this little apartment I’m not sure where I could. Anyway…I light one tea light and place it in the black and orange holder. I do this with strike matches if I can but haven’t been able to get to the store to buy more so I’ve been using a lighter, strike matches seem to have a little more potency, bring the prayer into being a little easier than a lighter…to me anyway. While I light the candle I say (something to the effect of…):

” I light this flame in the Name of Brighid, so that her light will shine in my heart and that her healing and strength will be in my hands and my body. And for her to know she is welcome in my home and among my kin, and we remember her.”

The stone to the left is a stone from a beach in California and it reminds me to be fluid and to be movable. The bell to the right is one that belonged to my Grandfather Ashton who had an extensive collection. I loved it as a child and am grateful I have it now. I ring it at the end of my meditations and feel it vibrate through the worlds.

I then light a stick of incense and say:

” I light this incense as an offering of breath to the dear spirits, to the ancestors and to the good people ( fae). I give this breath as an offering of life, from this world to the next and pray for their healing as they pray for mine. They are welcome into this home with love”

The cauldron to the left is one i picked up so I could do house clearings (by burning  Epsom salt and alcohol) in a safe container. It reminds me to be compassionate and giving. The incense holder in the center was brought back as a gift for me by my husband from Iraq. The stone to the right is a large piece of Moss Agate if I remember correctly..and well I just like how it feels. The small lantern is for the safe disposal of matches and it looks pretty too.

I then wash the water bowl on the right and replenish the water and move the oats with my fingers in the bowl in the left ( and replace them entirely about once a month..a witch on a budget.)  and say:

“I give these offerings of oats and water for the nourishment of those that guide and watch over this home. so that they may be strong and know that they are welcome here always. And for Ganesha and Brighid, for their aid and guidance in my life.”

The keys on either side of the shelf are keys that are being used in a current meditation that I picked up from an antique shop in town, and will be carried with me on special occasions, like the Feis. The wand over the bowls is Mountain Ash, A tree of astral vision and protection, particularly good for warding off evil spirits, Rowan traditionally is said to avert storms and lightning, and bring peace. And the bowls were bought before I left Colorado and made by an artist I worked with., just to be used on my altar.

I touch each of the statues, Ganesh on the left and a statue I’ve chosen the represent Brighid on the right, and focus on their influence and effect on my life.  I then recite the Seer’s prayer, given to me by Orion in a seminar.

If I make time I will follow this with a meditation, a tarot/oracle lay or a small working. But in general it gives me peace and a sense of connection with those spirits and beings that I feel work my life.

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