More family witchery

On a whim, I started looking into my husband’s genealogy and he is a descendant of Rebbecca Nurse, one of the women accused of Witchcraft and sentenced to death in the Salem Witchcraft trials of 1692. She was 71 when she died on Gallows Hill and her death incited the first public dissenting opinions of the trials.

Color me amazed really. I myself, am a descendant of John Alden and his son was accused of witchcraft in the same trial and fled to Canada until it was safe, among some other prominent Americans.

Genealogy is a a real way to wade into the River of Blood, the heal the lines of ancestry through gathering knowledge and compassionately addressing the issues that lay in our pasts.

Although I am not sure how those who suffered through unjust persecutions and were murdered in hysteria would feel about me being a Witch.  I would hope that I can reach across the divide, across views held in life and speak to these ancestors about what is now and the happiness I find. I often wonder about my ancestry, they were mostly Mormon converts who endured great hardships and walked across America to live in Utah. Many of them held respected positions in the church and dedicated their lives to the holy work they believed in.

How do I reach to those I feel so distant from? I was told that the Otherworld does not hold on to these things as much as we think, that truth shines through a little more on the other side but what of a life’s work in a particular field, religious or otherwise. Or do we move on to the next plane and are almost the same as this-life, we get to choose healing or continue to live the same way?I would hope that the healing and the meditations I do for myself and my ancestors are heard and they get to become a more whole being.

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