My understanding of practices of grounding, centering and presence in my life is pretty comprehensive. I’ve spent nearly a decade inside the pagan religion and using meditation as a way to enter into aware states of consciousness so as to connect with nature and the spirits around me.

The moment I take outside the door of a massage room to ground (focusing my exhale down into the earth and my inhale up into the stars) are so vital to my continued practice of massage having an extremely powerful aspect.

Clients notice that my hands and my work is present and say so on the review forms. Often during the massage I will tell myself to notice my hands, notice my body, notice this body I am working on to adjust my mechanics or make sure I’m breathing.

My current practice is grounded in the earth and it’s cycles the acknowledgment solstices and equinoxes. Often my practice involves lighting a candle and incense each day and offering tobacco to the four directions, and sharing a drink of cool, fresh water with the dear spirits, gods and ancestors. Reminding myself that all I have is because of who has gone before and the collected knowledge of the gods/higher self/archetypes of divinity.

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