Mindfullness without possession

This morning I was in charge of group meditation. It’s been a long time since I led a meditation, probably years. I  was assigned a reading about awareness and it said “Awareness is seeing the discovery of mindfullness. We do not have to dispose of or keep the contents of the mind.”

The Song of Amergin came to my mind.

I am a wind in the sea (for depth)
I am a sea-wave upon the land (for heaviness)
I am the sound of the sea (for fearsomeness)
I am a stag of seven combats (for strength)
I am a hawk upon a cliff (for agility)
I am a tear-drop of the sun (for purity)
I am fair (i.e. there is no plant fairer than I)
I am a boar for valour (for harshness)
I am a salmon in a pool (for swiftness)
I am a lake in a plain (for size)
I am the excellence of arts (for beauty)
I am a spear that wages battle with plunder.
I am a god who froms subjects for a ruler
Who explains the stones of the mountains?
Who invokes the ages of the moon?
Where lies the setting fo the sun?
Who bears cattle from the house of Tethra?
Who are the cattle of Tethra who laugh?
What man, what god forms weapons?
Indeed, then; 
I invoked a satirist…
a satirist of wind.

It occured to me that Amergin, instead of placing ownership on Ireland, he embraces it and shatters the illusion of seperateness. By accepting everything in existence he was able to break the magic of the storm and became the sacred bard, the truth singer of Erin.

By choosing to use the elements instead of beat them, or work against them Amergin’s embrace was complete and the Tuatha De Dannan stepped aside and moved on. Here was a people worthy of the land’s power and to be good stewards and protectors.

By honoring the land and the existence of the natural powers he allowed the cycle to move forward.

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