i have a lot to say…but my Paint of Expression i…

i have a lot to say…but my Paint of Expression is dry. it has been too long since i have picked up these brushes and got to work on the masterpeice and life work that is my true expression…on the portrait that is of my soul expressing itself in godlike wonder. too long has the canvas lay blank and empty. too many times have i promised to work tomorrow…then tomorrow never comes and the work is forgotten. how can i forget one so precious? how can i cast aside one so dear? If i ignore this child of beauty i constantly strive to create then what will happen to her? she is all i profess to be and yet when compelled to pick up my sword and obey the call to creation’s battle…i stumble and stare wide-eyed at the carnage.screams from the havock fill my ears as i try to scribble a page or two. i wonder….does anyone hear me?
is it even worth the time to sit and work here? grinding my fingers and my mind until they are raw and bloodied…all this work and nobody looks…or cares? what is the point then of the labor? perhaps my own soul is really the one that needs to be purged. who cares if anyone else will see it. My labor of grace is for my eyes, for my soul to express the inward intimacies outward.

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