Today was one incredible day my friends!
I was at the Cache County Courthouse this morning to marry some dear friends of mine and we’d not been there 5 minutes and they shut the offices down with a sign that just said “Closed” on the door. 15 minutes later the 6 cops that had been asked to stand there and ‘police’ the people waiting in line for a license and said that the office will “issue a statement later today and their offices will be closed all day.”Goddamned cowards. All they needed to do was their job as outlined by the law- but they shut the offices down to wait to hear about the stay request because “we’re confused”. Confused?!!?!? just issue the goddamn license the same freaking way you’ve been doing for 200 years. I’ve never been so angry. The sorrow in my dear friend’s eyes was enough to make me wish violence on these cowardly fools. I hope the state’s stay will not be granted and their appeal turned down so fast their heads spin. Wrong side of history Cache Valley. I thought you were going to do the right thing this time.
…Above was the first FB post of the day. I sat glued to social media feeds for the next two hours waiting for word on the emergency stays and the regular stays requested by the state of utah. All stays were denied around 1 pm so we raced down to SLC to get them a license!

I am finally crying tears of wonderful joy that ALL my family and friends can now be legally wed in the State of Utah and I can witness these wonderful ceremonies as an officiant. My cup overflows. Honored doesn’t begin to touch how I felt being at my friends’ side today. Thank you, gentlemen for allowing me to play a small role in such a historic day.
I can’t wait to officiate your ceremony. My words fail me- for today is truly a miracle of love. Thank you to all the Judges and tireless attorneys and legal aids that have worked to get Utah State into the 21st century. Thank you to everyone who fought Prop 8, who never lost faith that equal rights would prevail. Thank you to all that held family members and friend in their arms and told them they truly loved them. period. Thank you to my favorite Uncle Jeff, you taught and influenced me more than I can ever accurately express. (all my Ashton fam is basically a big ol’ pile of loving folk) Thank you to my incredible friends. K, B and sooo many others) Without you I would not be awesome. I seriously love you all. Again thank you a million times over to A and M. Only the best will do for you two. “May a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life”

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