Dear deer

Earlier I locked myself out of my blog so I posted my offering journal on Facebook. Reposting where it belongs.

deerI offered my tobacco today at my river. There is snow on the mountains but the valley is wet and warm for late December. It’s been lightly raining since I returned home and the fog hangs on the mountains like an old woman’s shawl. I walked out to the patio and laid my offering at the base of a big cottonwood and gave the other half to the river. As I stood up, my eyes met with a young deer across the bank. She had been resting under the tent of a fallen tree just across from me and stood, along with her companions as I stood. We gazed at each other. I breathed calmly and relaxed my posture and returned her careful and soft gaze. “As a power animal, Deer stresses that there are other ways than force, and shows that there is a power in the gentle word and touch, and that strength comes through caring…Deer teaches the need for compassion and kindness towards others and yourself. Don’t drive yourself so harshly! Be gentle with yourself, and you will cease to project your fears onto
others. Deer is a power animal that is directing you towards a serenity of heart, mind and spirit. Gentleness has the power to melt a heart of stone.” I feel this is an especially powerful message on Winter Solstice and I am grateful to receive this gift.

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