Créafóg-tarot draw

créafóg (Chia-fohg):Irish-Soil

I refresh my altar with new candles, incense, tobacco, water and whiskey. I center as I always have and pick up the bottle of Sea water I collected at my baptism (One day I’ll tell ya’ll about it). I bring it close to my lips so my words vibrate the water slightly and say

Son of the Sea .Manannan, shrouded in mist I call to you. guardian of the blessed isles you bear magical gifts to those in need. may we learn the value of hidden things as you share with us your mysteries. come here our prayers receive our offerings. –Coru Cathabodua Prayer

I put the water back on my altar and pick up my mala beads, holding them close to my lips as well imagining my words vibrating through the beads and string.

Great queen hear our voices. may sovereignty be held righteously with the land. May false kings fall. may true justice be respected. teach us to lead with honor to fight with cunning and heart protect us from dangers without and help us to face dangers within. come hear out prayers, receive our offerings. Coru Cathabodua Prayer

I spoke to Herself about the gratitude ritual and that I wanted to practice dedicated each work day to her and in the service of justice and sovereignty.

The card I pulled from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s Shadowscape Tarot was the Knight of Pentacles.

“…He has eyes only for the light that is his goal. The Knight of Pentacles is methodical, thorough, and unwavering. He rides upon the crest of an earth dragon, grounded and slow but undeniable in its progress; where he sets his sights will be reached…When he reaches that goal, he strikes with all the force of the earth that is his to summon; the weighty might of giants, the thunderous roll of an earthquake, the thrusting of a mighty tree’s roots through soil and stone. ”

To me this says that the things i want to add to my practice and the daily dedication of work is the path that will get me to a deeper relationship with Her and with my own goal to know myself better. Living alone and being single has been a huge learning experience and I think I’m fighting towards knowing my own sovereignty with each day. There are days that I have to remind myself that I come first and doing things like cleaning or preparing food are strong offerings to my independence.

I think She’s listening because I’m listening to my own needs and wellbeing. I never thought I would find myself here either, finding grounding in my own care with the opportunity to fight for equity.

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