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**Edit #3** I still havne’t heard anything from my husband and the unit has had more casualties and injuries. I’m going to loose it soon I’m pretty sure. Someone from 2nd platoon called me today and said ” My husband just told me and I wanted to know if you are okay? ” NOT a Read More

Divinity and life

” Remember that you and I took the journey together, to a place where there was no where left to go.” As part of my oblaire training I’ve set out with the intention of connecting more to the Goddess Brighid…through meditation and study each day. It is not by the means of normal methods that Read More

The Drawing

  A very good young friend of mine drew this for me. She softly asked me if I’d like a picture and what she could do to make me feel better (since I’d been crying) and what Vymn would want….and what she could do to help him. On the back are printed the words ” Read More

The present

As in the here and now…not gifts as in yule. ( I’m a grinch this far as christmas goes there will be none. i may do a bit of something for winter solstice but the “holidays” just tick me off this year so I’m refusing to be nice or cheerful about them) I am Read More

Gray dawn

He’s leaving this evening. Please if there are dear spirits or gods that will watch him and bring him home safe….hear my soul’s cry. If there are any dear spirits or gods left to intervene in these battles that keep us in the middle east, let them step forward now. If there is a way Read More


Due to the large number of hits to my blog for a Ninjutsu Dojo in the Colorado Springs Area I’m posting this notice again. If you are looking for more information about our dojo please visit our website at or click on the page link ‘Ninjutsu’ on the right hand tool bar. “ Our Read More

Family found

Funny things happen around Samhain…This is kind of one of them. **My Oma and Opa on their wedding day on May 22, 1954 (still living)** Today, for the first time in my life I’ve seen pictures of my paternal grandfather’s parents. I learned I look nothing like my great grandmother Marie but I think she Read More

The loss of sacred places

I am not referring to religiously sacred places in this post. I will mostly be referring to one place, my home in Western North Carolina and my paternal grandparent’s property adjacent to it that they are now selling the 165 acres they’ve owned for nearly 13 years……I am heartbroken. I’ve never experienced the feeling of Read More

The season winds

It seems to be the shifts of the seasons affect me more and more each year as I try to attune myself more to the ebb and flow of the old year closes and Samhain draws near…I feel the need to realign myself with what is truly important. We’ve successfully moved into our new Read More

A real update

Ah yes the Fox has emerged from ‘neath the piles of boxes and newspaper and come back into a real world with a real house in the civilian world. ( well it’s an apartment really but it’s cool) After a wirlwind of help and multiple cars and friends we moved into our new place on Read More

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