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my home

This is the farm i spent 7 yerars of my life on. It’s where I connected with the land, loved the summer nights and became who I really am. It’s for sale now of course and set aside so it won’t change too much. It is the most beautiful place on this planet and I Read More

Getting ready for Samhain

Ooh I’m so excited! We’ve prepared a new circle this year and really spruced up our meeting space and got covered in dust and dirt in the process but it’s going along wonderfully. I’m going to pick up my newly repaired camera today and I will drop by and take pictures. The dear Tuatha has Read More

A small update

For those of you who were wondering where the Fox went…I’m still alive. Between moving and house sitting in northern Denver for almost two weeks I’ve been swamped. I still don’t officially move boxes until 8/16 but I’ve been living out of a suitcase while house sitting. It’s an all around adventure and let me Read More


I model on a regular basis for an art school here in town. I do nude and clothed sessions and I really enjoy it. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to model for. Yesterday I was asked to do a figure drawing class and during on of the session breaks an artist Read More


I’m so excited! Today I received my Inklings book from my favorite artist, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I stumbled upon her site when I was in college (nearly 7 years ago…yikes) and have loved her art ever since. I can’t wait for her Tarot deck to come out and I have several pieces of her work Read More

Purple and black cloak

I just finished this fabulous looking purple cotton and black satin ( I found another fabric I hate to sew but I love how it looks!) for my good friend from October’s End Ms. Maevyn. It was a pleasure to make this for her and it looks so wonderfully witchy! *wink* We are still looking Read More

now with 50% more deadly

This is my new baby and accesories to go with it. Okay fine the shoes are just cool and they are called fivefingers and you can find them here..most awesome if i do say so myself. I’m so excited to start shooting again too. I was into archery as a teenager and competed regularly on Read More

Green and Gray Custom cloak

Another custom cloak for a fellow Tuatha member. Pretty simple design too. Although I did have to change the pattern to take into account my dear friend’s large shoulder span. It’s 100% green wool and buttersoft gray gabardine lining. The clasp is one of Crafty Celt’s fine wolf designs. Read More

Finished custom cloak

I did this for my dear friend in late march for his birthday. He is a ceremonial mage. The outter fabric is 100% wool and the inner lining is gabardine (green). The feathers are Coque (rooster?) and there are two hand-carved bone feathers hanging from the front of the mantle. The clasps are two silver Read More


So I am now single-handedly supporting my local bookstore since i need something to do while my husband is away having fun on his middle eastern vacation….HA! Today I bought: Her Hidden Children– by Chas S. Clifton …finally! I’m so excited to read this one! The greener shore – Morgan Llywelyn– this was a replacement Read More

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