Seems I am waiting for the bell to strike somewhere. I can not see where to go next. Although meditating by my river does make me feel better, to hear the onward dance of the waters, to feel the sun on my face. It helps ease the hardships of mortality.


There is a vast and numerous ocean of pagan books out there. Navigating them for your own purposes is an immense task. I continue to look at all of them as subjective material that must be put through my own capable filter of truth before I agree or disagree with them, based on their content … [Read more…]

A life of Crossroads

It seems that I cannot choose a simple life of simple choices. I must have constant growth and challenges. My spirit doesn’t rest and I’m pretty sure I can’t function without them. I am trying very hard right now to direct this energy into a life where these choices are not so hectic but plotted … [Read more…]