Cauldron.Power.      Balance. Center.      Home. Self.  Photos by Jesse Walker of Natural Designs Photography I hear body in belly. self in stomach. They say to be naked is a sin. A sin of honesty. A sin of faith I have Faith in sin. in an Honest sin.  in honest Skin. Skin … [Read more…]

A small update

For those of you who were wondering where the Fox went…I’m still alive. Between moving and house sitting in northern Denver for almost two weeks I’ve been swamped. I still don’t officially move boxes until 8/16 but I’ve been living out of a suitcase while house sitting. It’s an all around adventure and let me … [Read more…]

now with 50% more deadly

This is my new baby and accesories to go with it. Okay fine the shoes are just cool and they are called fivefingers and you can find them here..most awesome if i do say so myself. I’m so excited to start shooting again too. I was into archery as a teenager and competed regularly on … [Read more…]


Due to the large number of hits to my blog for a Ninjutsu Dojo in the Colorado Springs Area I’m posting this notice again. If you are looking for more information about our dojo please visit our website at or click on the page link ‘Ninjutsu’ on the right hand tool bar. “ Our … [Read more…]

Everbody was kung fu fighting *sings*

Well technically there will be no kung fu in sight…but my Ninjutsu Dojo is putting on a free demo on Jan 14th, 2007 at 2pm  at the Kashiwa Bujinkan Dojo. There will be a short lecture on the history and traditions of Ninjutsu and the students will demonstrate unarmed and armed techniques, acrobatics, fight scenarios, … [Read more…]