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Getting ready for Samhain

Ooh I’m so excited! We’ve prepared a new circle this year and really spruced up our meeting space and got covered in dust and dirt in the process but it’s going along wonderfully. I’m going to pick up my newly repaired camera today and I will drop by and take pictures. The dear Tuatha has Read More

Family found

Funny things happen around Samhain…This is kind of one of them. **My Oma and Opa on their wedding day on May 22, 1954 (still living)** Today, for the first time in my life I’ve seen pictures of my paternal grandfather’s parents. I learned I look nothing like my great grandmother Marie but I think she Read More

Family update

Doing a little more family history digging and taking a break from packing (we are moving!!!) and I found this resource… even though it is a mormon history one it has stories and pictures of my Ashton Family ( mother’s parents) that are lovely to have. *below is pictured Edward Ashton born Aug 22, 1821 Read More


**My mother’s 5 brothers and 6 sisters and her mother in June ’04** I got a strange desire to look up my family history today. Now… I grew up Mormon (LDS) so family history was always important and in the forefront of many discussions. The farthest I’ve gone was to my great great grandparents on Read More