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another big step

I made another leap today and registered with the county as an officiant and minister with the help of Universal Life Church. I’ve always found myself in leadership and counselling positions and have a gift for making people feel at ease. I hope that this will provide another outlet for pagan-minded individuals in this valley Read More


So I am now single-handedly supporting my local bookstore since i need something to do while my husband is away having fun on his middle eastern vacation….HA! Today I bought: Her Hidden Children– by Chas S. Clifton …finally! I’m so excited to read this one! The greener shore – Morgan Llywelyn– this was a replacement Read More

Harry Potter

I’d like to weigh in on the Harry Potter/ pagan issue. First I would like to preface this article by saying this: J.K. Rowling deserves all the praise and cheering in the world because she has inspired millions of people to READ. In a world where video games and movies rule common activities she has Read More


I realize I am addicted. I have a severe issue. It causes me to loose money, spent indeterminable amounts of time indoors with the blinds closed and actually causes a few health problems like poor eyesight and bad posture. I’m a book whore. I went to the library yesterday and only put 20 minutes into Read More

Book List

I’ve gotten greatly behind in my reading this past year and only begun to dig back into my library. Mostly this is due to the fact that my eyesight is getting pretty poor and concentrating on reading is hard to do when you feel like you are looking thru binoculars but one side is flipped. Read More