Military Spouse Triggered

What is posted below is an attempt to process a very unexpected, unknown trigger to the trauma I experienced as a supporting military spouse.  History: My husband was in the military for 8 years. We were married in 2004, he was in the reserves. He joined active duty in 2005 and was deployed 2005-2006 and … [Read more…]

piles of books

When I was first looking into massage school I used to wonder why I didn’t see any student massage blogs….with 138 days left in my own education I now know why! There are literally not enough hours in the day between homework, trades, and studying to think about anything but learning the information….if you are … [Read more…]

A note about Massage Therapy

I was asked to give an interview about my experience at school so far. Here are my answers 🙂 1. Your first name and the program you’re in at Health Works. My name is Kassie and I am a Massage Therapy student 2. What excites you most about pursuing a career in massage therapy? I’ve always … [Read more…]


  Cauldron.Power.      Balance. Center.      Home. Self.  Photos by Jesse Walker of Natural Designs Photography I hear body in belly. self in stomach. They say to be naked is a sin. A sin of honesty. A sin of faith I have Faith in sin. in an Honest sin.  in honest Skin. Skin … [Read more…]


Today was one incredible day my friends! I was at the Cache County Courthouse this morning to marry some dear friends of mine and we’d not been there 5 minutes and they shut the offices down with a sign that just said “Closed” on the door. 15 minutes later the 6 cops that had been … [Read more…]


I haven’t been meditating these past few days because I had a medical procedure completed on the 16th and have been doing my best to go to work and move around the pain. It’s better today so I think I will have some time to meditate before I head to work this afternoon. I’ve also … [Read more…]