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I am silent in the wilderness

These last few months have been a time of quite, death and newness on all fronts. I’m learning how to listen despite my screaming monkey mind. I’m learning to appreciate the silence and be okay with not having responses to my constant questions. My relationship with the Gods has been one of watching silently. They Read More

Last night’s dream

I had a dream a sublimely beautiful pregnant woman was walking naked through a busy city park. No one seemed to notice or care and I watched her for some time. She sat on a merry-go-round. She rode it and was giggling and laughing. Humming to herself and suddenly the ride spun out of control Read More

Am dam secht ndírend

“I am the stag of seven tines” or ” I am the bull of seven fights” **dam can either mean ox or bull as a stag… but Stag is what we will mostly focus on this time** Related to the calender dates of December 23 to January 20 The stag is often thought to be Read More

Mundane Magic

So I posted this earlier on a forum I’m a member of (dunno for how long but *shrugs* ) Let’s see what ya’ll think….. Let’s see if this comes off right or not? hehe In the pagan community I’ve noticed the prevalence of a ‘problem’ so to speak. I think people feel that they need Read More

Lifting the fog

I had a strange experience walking back to work after getting lunch today. I walked down the stairs onto a terrace with a waterfall and trees and lots of tables for people to sit at I saw them all slowly fade away and all I could see was the trees and all I could hear Read More


On Sunday I woke up early to do a sunrise meditation with a few of my Tuatha. After I got over the way to early in the morning factor It was really very lovely. We went to a place called Garden of the Gods and watched the sunrise wash down the face of Pikes Peak. Read More

Remember Strength

Reading the news, blogs, listening to the radio, hearing stories from “over there”, being away from loved ones, death……makes you wonder why but all I have to say is this: Hold your ground! Hold your ground. Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers, I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the Read More

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