Am dam secht ndírend

“I am the stag of seven tines” or ” I am the bull of seven fights” **dam can either mean ox or bull as a stag… but Stag is what we will mostly focus on this time** Related to the calender dates of December 23 to January 20 The stag is often thought to be … [Read more…]

Mundane Magic

So I posted this earlier on a forum I’m a member of (dunno for how long but *shrugs* ) Let’s see what ya’ll think….. Let’s see if this comes off right or not? hehe In the pagan community I’ve noticed the prevalence of a ‘problem’ so to speak. I think people feel that they need … [Read more…]

Lifting the fog

I had a strange experience walking back to work after getting lunch today. I walked down the stairs onto a terrace with a waterfall and trees and lots of tables for people to sit at I saw them all slowly fade away and all I could see was the trees and all I could hear … [Read more…]


On Sunday I woke up early to do a sunrise meditation with a few of my Tuatha. After I got over the way to early in the morning factor It was really very lovely. We went to a place called Garden of the Gods and watched the sunrise wash down the face of Pikes Peak. … [Read more…]

Remember Strength

Reading the news, blogs, listening to the radio, hearing stories from “over there”, being away from loved ones, death……makes you wonder why but all I have to say is this: Hold your ground! Hold your ground. Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers, I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the … [Read more…]