a small note

*by Stephanie Pui-mun Law  “The eight of wands” Journeying towards a goal, a great undertaking, speeding to reward with hope and momentum. This mornings meditation was interesting. I sat down with Orion’s cd and did the nesting meditation…I have been doing it from memory lately but it just seemed one of those times where a … [Read more…]


This is the first little insert into the emer project.  First Emer is mainly known as The wife of Cúchulainn, the great and terrible Ulster Champion- son of the God Lugh, a man that few will challenge and few control. What courage did Emer have to love Cuchulainn? She loved him through great trails, family … [Read more…]

The world and other things in it

This is a work in progress and if It doesn’t come out right well..one day it will. My tuatha has always been one for an in-depth discussion and thought provoking conversation although we are most assuredly not that way all the time. Everyone is talking about The Election and the impact of it on the … [Read more…]


These are pictures of the altars or peices of protection/symbolism around my house. This is the altar outside my front door for the spirits and fairies. It faces east and helps welcome the sun each day and the bright spirits with it. There is a shed antler I found at our campsite for Beltaine, 2007, … [Read more…]


There aren’t words to describe my anguish over the destruction of the Tara valley for a highway. It is one of the worlds oldest spiritual and historical sights still preserved today. My soul weeps and it’s a true sign of the state of the world when Tara is to be paved over. The seat of … [Read more…]