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Are you listening?

Notice. Be aware. What is happening in your heart? If you can’t notice that then what is happening in your body? If you can’t notice that or “nothing is wrong” then where are you physically? Are you in Montana? Main street? What does it mean to notice and see life? We only get one chance Read More

The power of self

Our brains are an amazing thing. The body’s job is to stay alive, through unbeleivable circumstances the body will move muscles to become more dominant to compensate for weaker or injured ones. Nature is much the same way in that it will continue, always seeking equilibrium. I had the opportunity to visit yellowstone and be Read More

Mindfullness without possession

This morning I was in charge of group meditation. It’s been a long time since I led a meditation, probably years. I  was assigned a reading about awareness and it said “Awareness is seeing the discovery of mindfullness. We do not have to dispose of or keep the contents of the mind.” The Song of Read More


My understanding of practices of grounding, centering and presence in my life is pretty comprehensive. I’ve spent nearly a decade inside the pagan religion and using meditation as a way to enter into aware states of consciousness so as to connect with nature and the spirits around me. The moment I take outside the door Read More


My prayer today. “Ancestors, dear spirits…accept this tobacco I give in gratitude for this morning. Let my eyes see, my ears hear, my heart be open to what I need to learn today. Let my words and actions be clear, brilliant, as this new snow. Please take what I have offered today. ” I receive Read More


I stumbled across a writing prompt that said ” We all cry for many reasons, when was the last time you cried with joy?” I cry very often out of frustration, anger, or grief. Ever since my husband deployed with the military to Iraq, nearly anything can make me cry. The first year we moved Read More


Card: The Star Art: A woman in a white dress walking on water, with large yellow carp fish below her and rising above her as she gestures to the right. a brilliant large star above her head. Blues and purples throughout the picture… Impression: I must admit I’m a bit lost on this one. there Read More


Last night I couldn’t sleep. I was up and down and had the worst dreams. The genreal feeling I was left with was that my shields had fallen and all the nasty stuff was getting in, that my gods and spirits couldn’t help me now. I was all alone and this monstar had to be Read More

Morning practice and Altar

Below is my altar at home. It consists of a Captain’s desk ( an antique I’m told, from a real ship) that I’ve had since I was a child and holds in it all my yummy supplies for witchy activities, like my candles, incense, oils, shawl, tarot, journal etc…and yes it smells delicious after being Read More

More family witchery

On a whim, I started looking into my husband’s genealogy and he is a descendant of Rebbecca Nurse, one of the women accused of Witchcraft and sentenced to death in the Salem Witchcraft trials of 1692. She was 71 when she died on Gallows Hill and her death incited the first public dissenting opinions of Read More

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