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I went out at dusk. I brought loose tobacco with me as an offering but while driving up to Hylite canyon I stopped and got a pack of american spirits to use. thought just struck me to share my breath and tobacco with the gods. (I only smoked one…I don’t really smoke and doing it Read More

Crow dreams

This happened last night. I still am working through what it means.   We are led through several meditative forms. The Crossroads centering, Doves of the Heart, The Faery Well, The Genis Loci and Raising the Green mist. My Genis Loci ( local embodiment of the spirit of the Land) has come to me in Read More

The magic

I worked a magic around a friend’s child tonight that desperately needed it. The child is named after the hero Fionn mac Cumhaill, So I decided the best protection magic would be his hounds, Bran and Sceolan. The are larger than any man, Black as night and tall as day, Irish wolfhounds, bound by the Read More

Tobar na Mhionn- The Oath Spring and other witchery

We traveled back to Colorado for our Tuatha’s Beltane celebrations and so that I could take my oath for druid training. I also did a crossroads ritual where i bury keys and ask the dark rider for a skill. Below is pictured my mandolin, for which I asked skills for ( I didn’t take pics Read More

Samhain 2009

We got to go back to colorado for samhain and celebrate with my dear tuatha. I sadly didn’t get any pictures of the circle or the ceromony this year but it went very well. surrounded by our closests friends and the clear colorado night, the moon and our ancestors gazed upon us. Thrice we circles Read More

Samhain 2008

This years circle. The triskel was drawn by Ben B. with Blue cornmeal, our resident artist worked very hard with wonderful results. Samhain (Sow-win) beings, as all good celebrations should, in the kitchen! Altar with beloved passed ancestors, offerings,candles and other goodies. ***This is a ritual prepared by our Tuatha. Please it comes from our Read More

a little more…

With the circle- it begins! -we are not quite done sprucing the entire space up but we have decided out group is now master circle makers and should be available for parties and quirky business meetings. ” Incredibly accurate and well-spirited stone circles, Alwyas Fast and professional!” …okay so maybe you had to be there… Read More

Getting ready for Samhain

Ooh I’m so excited! We’ve prepared a new circle this year and really spruced up our meeting space and got covered in dust and dirt in the process but it’s going along wonderfully. I’m going to pick up my newly repaired camera today and I will drop by and take pictures. The dear Tuatha has Read More


In Celtic mythology, the Lughnasadh festival is said to have been begun by the god Lugh as a funeral feast and games commemorating his foster-mother, Tailtiu, who died of exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland for agriculture. It is seen as a time to give thanks to the spirits and deities for the beginning Read More

Imbolc, 2008

*edit* there will be more pictures later. Thanks.** This weekend our Tuatha celebrated Imbolc. We had a beautiful time and the gods have truely blessed us. We started early in the morning with the women of the tuatha going to a local natural spring to watch the sunrise and greet the goddess. It was a Read More

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