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Poem #1

What is it I seek in the mists of the morning? In that cold purple dawn, In the black of midnight? I search in dream and quite mind for one I once knew, I once was. Once that girl of purpose , that woman of power. Would I ever know her if I saw her? Read More


To Brigid of the flame, to Brigid of the passion, to Brigid of the healing heart I petition with my soul I ask that you hold my heart that i do honor to your hands by my life. I petition the feary queen, the sacred ruler of the other, to open my eyes this day Read More

The World Would Be a Better Place If…

we could just get over the fact that religion is personal, not a public thing to rule the world. You can have a moral and upstanding life and not have any religion at all. It’s a falsehood that in order to be moral you must have religion. I’m a “Heathen” I don’t believe in any Read More


Trees and birds whisper to me as the traffic whizzes by, the silver tones of unheard song touch my flaming heart. what secret lessons and unknown words do these watchers hold? Beings who see so much of these that see so little…watching for our waking. Willows draping with intentions, oaks and cottonwoods standing waiting, little Read More


I think I’ve forgot how to sing my song and I suppose it must be true there is a deepness deeper than the blue that is covering the soul, the soul that I can not find but know in the darkness it is right there beside. two strangers in one body, one soul where the Read More

The dance

The movements of the dance have become heavy and stuttered, The preformer is weak and her body is wieghted against the force, stuggling to maintain the balance. some whisper and wonder, some quietly watch with accusing eyes and remark ” Her ruler is sadness, her flame is darkness …the things she must do to harm” Read More


I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will Read More

Past and present

~Kitsune and Vymn, Sept 2008. stupidly happy to be back together~ THE PAST IS JUST THE PROLOGUE NOT THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. put the blessed pen to paper and write the gift of the present. Free and clear. The song of the heartstrings, the really important things of life. Pain is a teacher but Read More

An Cailín A bhfuil áilleacht an bhróin ina gnúis

A woman made beautiful by sorrow’s touch tears have smoothed her skin and colored her eyes blue with loneliness Night-time cries have given the song she sings a new tone The sorrow rests deep in her soul, and it’s bitter-sweetness flavors her un-given kisses. It dresses her silence, in tones of deep dead blue and Read More


There are three things that are never at rest in anyone: the heart in working, the breath in moving, and the soul in purposing. Three things in the world between which there is a wonderful difference: the faces of people, the utterances of people, and the writings of people. There are three from which it Read More

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