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A wildfire in a jar A flame contained but still a hot enough to burn those who get to close or are not prepared With him I was like a roaring winter fire, safe in a hearth and a comforting sight fed with dark, dry wood and contained inside boundaries, inside a love that patience Read More

Summer Nights

By owl and bat by feet of moon and call of cat I ride the breezes of late summer’s kiss. I roam the cool shallows of rivers and smile at the stars. Dust remembers blood. blood remembers calls calls of crickets, night birds and the winds. the winds…..the winds, if only night and silence. Read More


the snow falls like my dreams, not clinging to streets or rivers, but tall branches and enveloping trees and bushes. Barely noticeable, barely definable but there, falling, coating clinging to nature and blurring the lines of the world and the spirit. it makes it all quite. like the spirit. like the heart. You have to Read More


Seems I am waiting for the bell to strike somewhere. I can not see where to go next. Although meditating by my river does make me feel better, to hear the onward dance of the waters, to feel the sun on my face. It helps ease the hardships of mortality. Read More

Phoenix heart

And it is with the heart of a phoenix that I burn, burn, burn. pain is in the ashes, fate is in the ashes, hope is in the ashes as I am reborn again. It is a fire I light for myself when most could not strike the match but I know that I can Read More

Who am I?

Who am I? I am the Rhododendron’s child, Dogwood’s daughter. My heart beats in time with the cicada’s, my blood runs with the song of crickets and summer frogs. My eyes are the color of dark kudzu, sweet poplar and pine and they twinkle with the pulse of lightning bugs. I am a child of Read More

meditation poem

Hands of hope hope of light the light of the soul in song song of breath breath of wonder wonder in the silence. silent no longer! long reach of the heart heart of joy and fullness. fullness of spirit the spirit of truth truth of step steps of honesty. honesty make me fine fine in Read More


Why so meek and mild child of the thistle and dragon isles? You were born with a burning heart of gold, not one to be lead so. A leader’s crown upon your head, a scepter fair and just to point the way for others on a path of stars and wonders. Why so meek and Read More


My favorite version of my favorite poem ever. I remember reading it in 6th grade and just being completly awestruck at the power of the visualizations in it. I then heard Loreena McKennitt’s version and Megan Follows read a version of it in the movie Anne of Green Gables and the love was struck solid Read More

3 things.

Name three things you know she said, a simple request but it struck deep down in my heart, that place where your soul hides away It knocked on the door when I wasn’t expecting anyone and I seemed I said okay. Three things I know? 3 things I know….Well gods, I said, 3 things I Read More

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