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So sorry

Wow I really haven’t written in a long time. I need to fix that. I’ve been so busy with the University pagan group, school and work that I’ve barely looked up. We just finished an article with the university paper about the pagan group and while it seems there are some inaccurate details i’m still Read More


The Pagan Alliance group has been reviewed by the Salt Lake City Examiner. Check it out!!!!! Read More


The Examiner in SLC wants to interview me for my Student Pagan Alliance group at USU *cheer* I’m still waiting to hear back from the student organization committee before publishing anything since having the school’s support on this is really important. So I’ve asked the reporter to wait until I get that permission before printing Read More

another big step

I made another leap today and registered with the county as an officiant and minister with the help of Universal Life Church. I’ve always found myself in leadership and counselling positions and have a gift for making people feel at ease. I hope that this will provide another outlet for pagan-minded individuals in this valley Read More