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Magic of the knife and the threads

This meditation was given to me by my blessed friend and sister of the sword, Harper. I finally got the guts or was frustrated enough to do it tonight. For years I’ve been to attached to my former friend and still incredibly angry at the betrayal he committed, so quickly. Tonight I went out to Read More

The magic

I worked a magic around a friend’s child tonight that desperately needed it. The child is named after the hero Fionn mac Cumhaill, So I decided the best protection magic would be his hounds, Bran and Sceolan. The are larger than any man, Black as night and tall as day, Irish wolfhounds, bound by the Read More


Why in the world do I even bother trying to awaken ‘the old ways’. What is the purpose? What is the point? My Scottish ancestors left the Lowlands in the 1830’s for Canada. My Welsh ancestors left their homeland ( literally traced back to the same county in Wales to the 1500s) in the 1850’s Read More


What keeps me from my practice? From exploring the depths fully? It is a monster called FEAR. It stands at the gates of my heart  and bars my way with snarls and great claws. A hulking mass of unknown. When I faced the death of my love in War, I knew death was behind the Read More

Answering the question

I’ve had a difficult time meditating as I promised on the weekends. I think part of it is due to logistical reasons as it is the day I have to clean and do laundry and chores that don’t get done during the work week. I also think I’m having a difficult time answering the question Read More

A pagan letter

My Dear Family, I feel at this time in my life it is important to tell you some things about who I am. Mainly my spiritual beliefs, as I have now chosen to take a position that could put me in the public spotlight and it is out of love and consideration that I choose Read More

Daily workings

Each morning light three candles,  with each match strike say the following: “ I light this flame in the Name of Brighid, so that her light will shine in my heart and that her healing and strength will be in my hands and my body. And for her to know she is welcome in my Read More


I find myself walking along a desert road which stretches far out in front of me and I can see it steeply and very straightly go up the mountains before me.  I suddenly decide to start running, as fast as I can. I run faster and faster and faster. Large big, leaping steps. As I Read More


To Brigid of the flame, to Brigid of the passion, to Brigid of the healing heart I petition with my soul I ask that you hold my heart that i do honor to your hands by my life. I petition the feary queen, the sacred ruler of the other, to open my eyes this day Read More

Epona and the gift horse

I’ve been majorly doubting my decision to try for a Veterinary Science degree and contemplated several times on quitting school all together ( I seem to have self esteem issues *thuupt*) and my riding instructor had just informed me that her schooling horses were gone so me being able to continue to train was a Read More

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