I went out at dusk. I brought loose tobacco with me as an offering but while driving up to Hylite canyon I stopped and got a pack of american spirits to use. thought just struck me to share my breath and tobacco with the gods. (I only smoked one…I don’t really smoke and doing it … [Read more…]

Offering for Talents

I took part in a shoot today that was perfect on multiple levels. I adore being about to express myself creatively through my modeling. It is an honor to attempt the sacred role of Muse, to attempt to embody the artisitic vision of another human being. This was a boudoir shoot for Aimee Cambpell Photography. … [Read more…]


It seems I find myself forever waiting on myself. To start working again on the pagan life I so love, to start working on myself. But every time I go to sit, to read, to embrace I scare myself away with ‘not good enoughs’ or ‘ you’ve been so lazy for so long what makes … [Read more…]

The Girl in the Goddess

This is a short essay written by myself for a graduate student’s Occult magazine. He wanted a Wicca 101 and  examples of a goddess relationship that a priestess would have. While I do not consider myself of priestess, nor have I been initiated as such in any tradition, I fulfill that role within the USUPA … [Read more…]

Self -esteem/Love bath ritual

Created by Sionnach(Kassie) and Harper Supplies For Ambiance: candles matches/lighter white towel for your hair lavender or vanilla incense soft music ( just enough to lessen sounds outside the bathroom) For ritual: Fresh Parsley Dried Lavender Sea salt Cloth square A raw egg For bath: Epsom salt Sea salt baking soda Rose petals (optional) Preperation: … [Read more…]

Dark Forests and Hidden ways

I have come to decide that Badbh ,Nemon/Fea, and Macha – The Mór Rígan (the Great Queen) is motivating me. With the vision they revealed to me Fea’s dark hand in my life. Badbh is stirring my blood with anger and bigotry. Nemon whispers in my ear the dark truths I have never faced and … [Read more…]

Crow dreams

This happened last night. I still am working through what it means.   We are led through several meditative forms. The Crossroads centering, Doves of the Heart, The Faery Well, The Genis Loci and Raising the Green mist. My Genis Loci ( local embodiment of the spirit of the Land) has come to me in … [Read more…]