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Am Fuaim Mara

“I am the noise of the sea.” or “I am the wind on the sea.” Alexei Kondratiev relates this line to the first full moon of the Celtic Year being between October 30th and November 25 . “The edge of the sea appealed powerfully to the Celtic imagination. It was a boundary between our world Read More

New project

I’ve decided to take a look at and comment on the famous poem that is known as “Amergin’s song” which follows. I am a wind on the sea I am a wave of the ocean I am the roar of the sea, I am a powerful ox, I am a hawk on a cliff, I Read More

Flame of Culture

Yesterday I commented on the fact that when I work with Horses, particurlarly since I’ve started to consider Farrier/ Blacksmithing as a trade I often think of Epona and Brighid. I’ve been reading about Brighid ( Bride, Brigid, Bhride, Brigit or Brighit) this morning and it still amazes me how she (and many other Celtic Read More

Clear(er) Skies

**All artwork in the following post is byWill Worthington and from The Druidcraft Tarot** So things are slowly working their way back into place here…I still don’t know what the final picture is going to look like but I tried to clear the fog today at work. I didn’t have a single customer come into Read More


On Sunday I woke up early to do a sunrise meditation with a few of my Tuatha. After I got over the way to early in the morning factor It was really very lovely. We went to a place called Garden of the Gods and watched the sunrise wash down the face of Pikes Peak. Read More

Heart lost in flame

**painting by Virgil Elliot** What was lost of our collective imaginations when the spoken word fell out of priority in our culture? Now everything is reduced to skin deep sound bits and PR gold mines. Dark winters where whittled away and colored with tales of heroes and gods, great loves and great battles. We were Read More

A moment

meditation from 11:45 pm to 12:00 midnight The moment when I close my eyes and take my first deep mindful breath is the moment I like best. Read More

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