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Diana research

From Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, by Charles G. Leland, [1899], at To Diana. Lovely Goddess of the bow! Lovely Goddess of the arrows! Of all hounds and of all hunting Thou who wakest in starry heaven When the sun is sunk in slumber Thou with moon upon they forehead, Who the chase by night Read More

Offering for Talents

I took part in a shoot today that was perfect on multiple levels. I adore being about to express myself creatively through my modeling. It is an honor to attempt the sacred role of Muse, to attempt to embody the artisitic vision of another human being. This was a boudoir shoot for Aimee Cambpell Photography. Read More

Spirit of place

Today I did Orion Foxwood’s “Genis loci” meditation.It is a peice of work to connect and summon the local spirit of place in form and to commune and exchange and help facilitate healing for both parties. I was not expecting the result I got at all. I opened the faery well and centered myself, washed Read More

a small note

*by Stephanie Pui-mun Law  “The eight of wands” Journeying towards a goal, a great undertaking, speeding to reward with hope and momentum. This mornings meditation was interesting. I sat down with Orion’s cd and did the nesting meditation…I have been doing it from memory lately but it just seemed one of those times where a Read More

Emer meditations

So I’ve been working or at least trying to work with Emer for a little over a month now. I’ve been doing meditations where I visualize her, which is difficult because there is no real description of the woman. I find this strange since she was the wife of Cuchallain but I’ve been able to Read More


This is the first little insert into the emer project.  First Emer is mainly known as The wife of Cúchulainn, the great and terrible Ulster Champion- son of the God Lugh, a man that few will challenge and few control. What courage did Emer have to love Cuchulainn? She loved him through great trails, family Read More

something celtic *gasp*

Just to let everyone know I’m going to start actually USING all that free time I have with not being a full-time employee and working on information for my Tuatha’s website. I’m going to start with some information about Emer, wife of the hero Cúchulainn. I figure it was a good thing to start using Read More

Divinity and life

” Remember that you and I took the journey together, to a place where there was no where left to go.” As part of my oblaire training I’ve set out with the intention of connecting more to the Goddess Brighid…through meditation and study each day. It is not by the means of normal methods that Read More

The Kitsune (pictures, lore and traditions)

I thought I would expound a little on my namesake and, even though I don’t really like the term, power animal…The fox. I’m not sure why humans feel the need to connect themselves and their spirit self to an animal. Some say that working with animal energies, either directly, or through imagery and symbolism, also Read More

Am Tond Trethan

“I am a wave of the ocean” Alexei Kondratiev relates this line to the calander dates of November 26-December 23. Amergin claims the open water, the silent and powerful waves of the sea. “He claims the House of Tethra and the unknown deep world. That which is beyond the nine waves ( thar naoi dtonn) Read More

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