I have been having a feeling lately, tinged with frustration, that i need to be doing more magick workings…formal casting of circles and diety work and such. This is very strange because I really have never before had that kind of desire. I am mostly of the working opinion that mundane things are magickal, like … [Read more…]

Sweet memories

I’ve been having really vivid dreams lately about the forest, about my family, about spirits, flying and fighting. There is something different about the textures and people and dialog in these dreams that was never there before. It seems more memories than dreams and most nights I am lucid in the dream but rarely does … [Read more…]

Lifting the fog

I had a strange experience walking back to work after getting lunch today. I walked down the stairs onto a terrace with a waterfall and trees and lots of tables for people to sit at I saw them all slowly fade away and all I could see was the trees and all I could hear … [Read more…]