Category: Altars

Epona Gratitude Ritual

When I started the ADF training there was a section on choosing your hearth deities. While my workings with Brighid have always been constant, I felt I needed to find some dieties that balanced me out. I couldn’t have just one, as incredible and watchful as my Brighid is. My pagan OCD demanded 3 😉 Read More

Ancestor Altar

I really felt I needed to set up a separate one for my family so I did! Ta DA! It lives in my office for the moment (really organizing magical space in a 2 bedroom apt should be a recognized accomplishment!!) Usually it’s been combined with my deity altar but decided to see if separating Read More

Morning practice and Altar

Below is my altar at home. It consists of a Captain’s desk ( an antique I’m told, from a real ship) that I’ve had since I was a child and holds in it all my yummy supplies for witchy activities, like my candles, incense, oils, shawl, tarot, journal etc…and yes it smells delicious after being Read More