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Diana research

From Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, by Charles G. Leland, [1899], at To Diana. Lovely Goddess of the bow! Lovely Goddess of the arrows! Of all hounds and of all hunting Thou who wakest in starry heaven When the sun is sunk in slumber Thou with moon upon they forehead, Who the chase by night Read More

3/20- 4/5

Each day I have completed a 5 minute breathing meditation with candles, incense and oat offerings. March 23rd was my 30th birthday complete with a 30 hour hangover ( just kidding it wasn’t that bad.) On March 26th we went and Saw Neil Degrasse Tyson at Kingsbury Hall. He is one of my heroes.I wrote Read More

Lughnasadh Review

First off a little update: July and August were a little rough as far as meditation goes. I’ve at least lit a candle or taken a breath or 3 at my altar each day but work has really pulled me away. I’ve finished my big project at work though I can move on. The first Read More

Lughnassadh Essay

Lughnasadh or Lunasa is the first harvest of the year. The celebration of the successful unity of the land goddess and the God of the Tribe/Community. The tribe is deep within the bounty of success and near the end of summer. We have worked hard in our fields or endeavors, are seeing the results and Read More

6/30 and Nature Mindfullness

I was finally able to get out tonight for my nature meditation. It’s been so incredibly hot recently I decided to wait for nightfall. I choose my backyard as my nature spot since it’s right out my backdoor and has the river and open space right behind it. Most of the noise of the world Read More

6/22 Journal

So after yesterday’s solstice silver find I noticed they really needed to be cleaned before I implemented them in daily use on my alter. You can’t show up with tarnished silver for the shinning ones! But nobody likes to scrub silver right? and silver polish is kinda spendy so in this house we use SCIENCE!  Read More

ADF Solitary Summer Solstice

When I went to bed last night I had a plan that I would do the Summer Solstice celebration with my friend K, this evening when she came for drinks. After a hard days work we would sit down together, as we often do for a quite little ritual and enjoy each others company. But Read More

Midsummer extended essay

“The importance of midsummer does not derive from any specific cultural tradition, but from an objective occurrence in the environment-the shift in the ratio of light to darkness- and it’s universal effects on human psychology.The human response to this is to focus on preserving and storing as much of the nourishing light as we can…” Read More

Midsummer Essay

Our ancestors paid a lot of attention to the sun because they depended on it. They were farmers and hunters. They knew that it was the longest day of the year, the longest time the sun would shine and so they honored it with flowers and herbs that grew under the warm summer rays and Read More

First Oath

I completed  the Self Blessing and First Oathing rite as described in the Wheel of the Year(WoTY) working guide today. I prepared my home shrine and self for the ritual. I’ve never done any ritual like this before, I felt like it was the first time I was to appear on stage. I’ve been doing Read More

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