A wildfire in a jar

A flame contained but still a hot enough to burn those who get to close or are not prepared

With him I was like a roaring winter fire, safe in a hearth and a comforting sight

fed with dark, dry wood and contained inside boundaries, inside a love that patience built and yet my untamed heart was not satisfied.

Then, I am a bonfire, consuming and reaching heights past the dark stars and into the soul fed nights. They shield their faces with their arms from heat to intense.

fed with pitch and tinder, outside boundaries, without limits, consuming and fantastic.


Now-I struggle to find a flicker of warmth, surrounded by fuel and love without expectations.

I know it’s there are yet, I can not access it. Like a gas fire with fake wood behind glass. I should be warm, I should be healthy, and yet I stumble and pile on protecting blankets and hope.


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