Ard Tuatha

My Tuatha (Too-Ah, Irish for Tribe) was an incredibly inspirational part of my life. For 5 years I grew with them and then the husband and I moved to Utah for school. We still stay in touch but the distance is difficult sometimes. The Tuatha website is down but here is a asection from it describing our thoughts and practices…

“A Celtic pagan path is mostly polytheistic in our approach . . .. Some feel that the gods and goddesses are all separate entities in and of themselves. Others may see them as facets of one large divine gem. Your approach to the gods is individual and neither is more correct than the other. The lore left to us by the Celts is happily unspecific in this regard.

The Celts believed (and still do believe) that the Gods are a part of this world as well as the Otherworld.

Rivers, lakes, caves, forests, mountains, hills and many other places in the natural world are places where they dwell and can be interacted with. The tribe of the Gods serve many functions in the world. Individual Celtic pagans hope to develop a personal relationship with their God or Goddess of choice, learning more about themselves, their God, and their place in the world.

We look to the Celts of the past (and the present) for inspiration in how to live, work, love, and prosper, in our lives today. We call on many Gods and Goddesses to help us in anyway they wish. Our goals are lofty. We hope to live and die without regret.”

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