About The Fox

These are my thoughts as I walk my path. I do my best to present an accurate representation of my ancient journey in a modern world, with modern eyes and a Celtic soul. My deepest desire is to further my relationship with the gods, dear spirits, nature, my ancestors and my dearest Tuatha in this life.

The Celtic world is incredibly vast and being a “Celt” is much more than wearing a torc and spitting out a few funny sounding words. There is a vivacious and wonderful spirit that is uniquely Celtic. It’s hidden in the Lore, history, culture, music and language. Even today, much is being found on how the ancient Celts lived and worshiped and it’s every bit as fascinating as the older knowledge.

My ancestral background is Welsh and Scottish and I feel a strong connection when I am able to further the Celtic spirit in my daily practices.

Connecting the long lines of distant past and now present are most important to me.

My pronouns are They/Them. I currently reside in Seattle, WA on Duwamish land and work in Emergency Medicine.