A note about Massage Therapy

I was asked to give an interview about my experience at school so far. Here are my answers 🙂

1. Your first name and the program you’re in at Health Works.

My name is Kassie and I am a Massage Therapy student

2. What excites you most about pursuing a career in massage therapy?

I’ve always been a person that was attracted to the healing sciences and arts. I was a Veterinary Technician, a Pathology Lab Clerk, a Special needs aid, and pursued my Veterinary medicine degree. But I always kept coming back to the power of touch in people’s lives, and how it is a vital force in life. Being able to use the medical understanding I’ve gained, here and elsewhere, and combining that with caring touch to better my clients and my own life…that’s what is more exciting to me. Getting to do that every day.

5. What stood out the most about Health Works when you were searching for a school?

The small size class size, beautiful location, and their high standards of education  and practice. 1,000 hours is not a short program and the construction of the education here was very balanced in meaningful ways. I looked at over 20 schools in 10 states to find the best program possible. I moved 400 miles and away from my husband to be here at Health Works, and that speaks volumes to me on the power of the educational quality of this school.

6. Why did you choose Health Works for your education?

There is a phrase from a spiritual study group I am a member of, they say, “Why not Excellence?” and I’ve really taken that to heart in my whole life. It was immediately clear that HWI had this excellence, the whole balanced package of practical-hands on classes: personal, business, scientific, and spiritual courses that stood out from everywhere else.

7. When you entered the program and really got to know the school, the administrators and your teachers, what did you especially appreciate about Health Works?

That they really mean what they say. You can go to any staff member and ask questions. They truly care about YOU the individual and YOU becoming the best massage therapist you can be. You don’t find that everywhere.

8. In what ways was your education at Health Works better than your learning experiences in high school or college?

I’m a curious person and love to learn so High School and College were very positive for me but HWI has stood out in the realm that every teacher will make that extra effort to help you understand the material. Every instructor is present and aware. I think they really remember what it’s like to be a student – without coddling you.

9. What did your Health Works teachers do or say to enhance the quality of your education?

Dr. Lou for instance will think of creative ways to explain body systems in physiology, not just the repeating what is in the text or what was said before. Dr. Josh will show you with palpation or kinesiology techniques the origin, insertion points and the action on the biceps brachaii, and wants you to understand it  too, not just repeat it for the test. Amanda uses great descriptive words that stick with you to remember your swedish strokes, bracketed by her great laugh and sincere knowledge and compassion – these things enhance the quality of my life, not just my education.

10. What was the impact on your education of your interaction with your classmates?

It wouldn’t be what it is without the constant exchanges, be it physical techniques or communication, that we use to help each other learn and grow. And the laughing-that helps.

11. What part of your education at Health Works do you believe will be the most important key to your professional success?

The collected mass of tools that we are exposed to, the ability to critically think, scientifically expose, and compassionately listen to the world around us. Our instructors are constantly showing us insights from the real world that sometimes at first you say to yourself, “Why are they telling me this, or why is the class structure this way” and then you see why and the puzzle pieces fit together to really illuminate the wisdom here at HWI and within the bodywork profession  that makes you go, “Ah, now I understand.”

12. How has the self-awareness, communication skills, and personal growth experiences you have experienced at Health Works contributed to your success as a massage therapist/esthetician?

I think the personal development class is SO important to cultivating awareness and compassion….when you know yourself and understand the microcosm, you can look at the macrocosm and see the great bigger picture. When you are encouraged to, and have compassion for yourself – you can give it to others. This really sets you apart from the crowd.

13. Has your awareness of the benefits of personal growth changed your life? If so, in what ways?

My life was already changing but having the opportunity to dialogue in a meaningful way about real compassion, self-understanding, and awareness and how that is related to your professional life as an outstanding massage therapist with boundaries and a meaningful touch is vital. When you understand yourself, you can understand others.

14. Would you recommend Health Works to a prospective student? If yes, why?

Yes! If they want a world class education, then come to Health Works!

15. Please describe your experience at Health Works in one word.


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