Daily 5 minute breathe meditations with offerings, candles, and water. I find myself pre occupied with the dealings of my previous religion, Mormonism. We are seeing a movement to ordain the women of the church into the priesthood. Almost ALL of the LDS General Conference was about a woman’s PLACE and trying to make her equal…about how the priesthood is a consolation prize to the wonders of pregnancy and motherhood.

I read the following account of Ordain Women( OW)’s attempt to participate in Priesthood session this year and it broke my heart.  Some of you may ask: If women had the priesthood, would I not have left? The answer it probably no, I would have still left due to other inconsistencies but maybe I would have stayed longer.

I remember wanting little more than to be a Seminary teacher, especially after I moved to Utah and experienced seminary during school and not at 5 am…but being told I could not because I was a women. It was my first glimmer of inequality. These women might have a harder fight than me. I can not help but view them as courageous warriors fighting a fucked up system ( can’t think of something more eloquent than fucked up).


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