Month: March 2014


5 minute meditation today with a rice pack on my shoulders. My shoulders are pretty tired from workouts, yoga and computer work. The omen for today is The Lovers… It is Beltane and the may-flowers are in bloom. Lord and Lady, or High Priest and High Priestess, have joined together as Divine Lovers – conveying Read More


I meditated yesterday for 5 minutes to a simple body  relaxing guided meditation. I also re-committed myself with my vow. I had the recent opportunity to be reminded I am worthy and meant for this work for myself and others( something I struggle with). I’ve had a dear friend reach out to me for assistance Read More

Please press Start…

Had to get thru February in a Lingerie shop. I can’t even begin to tell you how busy we were. It was a long 3 weeks. 😛 But now I am back! We were also hosting a friend for several months but joy of joys I have my living room back as well. So I Read More