Month: December 2013


Today was one incredible day my friends! I was at the Cache County Courthouse this morning to marry some dear friends of mine and we’d not been there 5 minutes and they shut the offices down with a sign that just said “Closed” on the door. 15 minutes later the 6 cops that had been Read More


I haven’t been meditating these past few days because I had a medical procedure completed on the 16th and have been doing my best to go to work and move around the pain. It’s better today so I think I will have some time to meditate before I head to work this afternoon. I’ve also Read More


I did a 5 minute standing meditation with Orion Foxwood’s ” Falling fire of Heaven meditation. You center yourself and reach down with one hand and up with the other. you imagine your downward hand reaching far into the earth, to reach the blue, cool flame of the underworld. You grasp it and you bring Read More


No meditation for 12/13, just a candle lit and a moment taken. Today I added the two powers work into my meditation today. I’ve done similar attunement methods in the past. Begin, O seeker of wisdom, with your breath. Your mind alert and prepared for magic.Now, with your body still and calm, imagine that from Read More


Once again 10 hour days are killing me. The joys of working retail during the holidays. I’ve been able to light my candle, leave offerings and incense and stand for a moment. but no meditation yesterday or today. I don’t have to be in until later tomorrow so I plan on completing a prompt from Read More


I missed meditation yesterday but I have this lovely real evergreen wreath on my door welcoming in the dear spirits and winter fae. I’ve found I won’t sit if I get up and start working right away. I must make my time before I have my coffee because coffee leads to browsing the internet or Read More


6 minute meditation with an omen draw. I’m not really sure what is up with all the wand cards! Just like the Prince of Wands, the Princess of Wands is a lively, playful, adventuresome person. Maybe it’s all the work on the website and this new business venture that is drawing this wand energy. The Read More


I missed meditation yesterday but here’s today’s. 😀 6 minute breathing meditation with omen draw. The prince of Wands acknowledging my tendency to fly off and have adventures, loving the unseen and unexplored but also warning me not to be too eager I feel. This prince loves adventure, the next unknown with fabulous planes and Read More


6 Minute breathing meditation. My mind was a little wanderer today. But I did recognize that I took the King of swords into practice yesterday. I had been feeling very inadequate in my recent duties with the websites. I am by no means a professional but I’ve taught myself how to manage, design and create Read More


We received a soft blanket of snow last night. I always love the magic and silence it brings. There is something special about the first snow of the season too and the way the world seems to slow for it, breathe with it in big white puffs bundles from a cocoon of wool and satin. Read More

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