Month: November 2013

Samhain Review

Samhain has always been a beloved holiday within my pagan practice. To me, after Yule it’s probably the least foreign of practices. My mormon ancestors would might shudder to hear but I felt being raised mormon prepared me for Ancestor worship. We venerated our pioneer ancestors that walked across America, and  I know my genealogy Read More

Samhain Essay

Samhain marks the end of the harvest festival and the start of the dark half (Samos) of the year. The celebration of renewal and creation as well as the honored dead.  The tribe is acknowledging the end of the harvest and preparing to greet winter’s time of learning and reflection well.  We’ve prepared our cellars Read More


Still kept the simple practice of 3 candles, incense and offerings each morning. When I was traveling I did a shortened two powers meditation without candles, incense or offerings. I’ve yet to pick up the DP work again for the simple fact there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. So I plan Read More